FRESH THURSDAY // Deep Cabaret + Cosys Ex Collective

Live Music
Thu 23rd September 2021 7pm - 11pm £7 - £10

Venue Space, Cobalt Studios, 10-16 Boyd Street, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE2 1AP

The Venue Space is fully wheelchair accessible.
If you have any specific requirements please contact us before your visit.

FRESH THURSDAY is a regular event showcasing exciting new music alongside lots of candles, board games and a homecooked slap up dinner.

If you have a nut allergy or are coeliac please choose the ticketing option that states the correct dietary requirement. Please note booking well in advance for this event is really helpful for us to know how many people we’re catering for!

This will be a very special gig and a celebration; we have been waiting for it to happen for over 18 months.

On March 13th 2020 Deep Cabaret supported by Me Lost Me were our last live bands, though we didn’t know it at the time. We all wondered whether to shake hands or to hug, we veered between twitchy fidgets of unsettlement and the deep comfort and enjoyment that the music brought. But collective psychologies were already running wild and the result was a potent beautiful bitter sweet night of extraordinary music & brilliant determined people mixed with this dark omnipresent unknown of the pandemic, just 3 days after the PM told everybody to stay home and so it all began.

When we set a reopening date we always knew that we wanted to open a new chapter right where we left off, it almost feels like part of the healing process all this chaos has caused. This time instead of the storm clouds gathering over beautiful music we hope that this opens a new chapter, come and join us bath in two extraordinary bands both making unique, layered music.