Learn & Do
Thu 18th February 2021 6.45pm-8pm Free - £15

Live Stream

Open to all ages

Join us for the first of our LEARN & DO AT HOME series! The Zine society for challenging times is an exciting opportunity to take part in a mixed media creative zoom workshop, streamed from inside of our Risograph studio here at Cobalt Studios!
Not only is this an opportunity to get seriously creative and learn some new skills, but you will also receive a beautiful collaborative Riso print zine featuring your work
The third theme of our four part workshop series is VIEW. What’s your view? (This can be literal or conceptual).

How to take part…

  1.  Follow the ticket link. There are free tickets available for no-wage/low wage participants. You can access these by contacting us directly through social media.
  2. You will receive a fold out instruction leaflet and basic collage materials in the post
  3. Gather basic items at home. You will need some basic drawing materials.
  4. You can work on your drawing quietly alone or join in our zoom workshop with George and Jake, see the demos and ask questions!
  5. Afterwards, send your drawings back to us. (Make sure we know who’s it is!)
  6. We will then assemble and print the zines… and when the world is starting to turn again you will receive a beautiful zine in the post!