I am a band / musician looking to put on my own event or co-promote an event

We love live music and working with bands. There are two ways we are able to help you get your gig on the stage at Cobalt – bear with us and read all the info below as there is a lot to explain and it’s hard for us to find time for too many phone calls or emails…

…basically as we are non-for profit we try to make it as affordable as possible for you to get a gig on the stage here.

People often ask us to allow them to use the space for free or modest donations… We run a delicate balance ourselves so we can’t always help but if the cause is a good one serving culture or community then ask away and we will see if we can fit it in and come to agreement.

1: Co-promotion with our Cobalt programme

During our regular Cobalt seasons, if the music suits our wider programme stylistically and we have room we can include your event for a Friday night LIVE slot, or occasionally on a Sunday night or daytime.

In this instance we just ask for a contribution of £100 towards tech, this also acts as a deposit and will be lost if the event is cancelled. In return you get all of the door money, inclusion in our print run of 10k seasonal programs, website listings, Facebook page, and inclusion in our monthly Narc listings.

Approximate annual season dates are as follows:

Autumn: Sept 16th – Dec 16th (final programming info gathered August 16th)

Winter/Spring: Jan 20th – March 29th (final programming info gathered Dec 16th )

Summer: April 20th – June 28th (final programming info gathered March 16th

2: Running your own gig outside our regular programme

During the spaces in between our regular programming you are welcome to put a gig on promoted entirely via your own channels.

In this instance the costs are £100 tech upfront as deposit (lost if cancelled), plus £140 hire fee (reduced to £80 if bar take is £500+, £40 if the bar take is £700+ and £0 if the bar take exceeds £900).

When we work with musicians these are our terms

  • That you promote the event well at your end
  • Events can be seated or standing, where seated we ask for help to get the chairs out
  • That you provide somebody to look after your ticket money at the door
  • Cobalt provides door float, smoke, lights, PA, projectors and all equipment for free except the CDJs which are available at a cost of £50 + VAT
  • For co-promoted gigs: that you agree to let us sell tickets though our provider (they are an ethical company), and that you agree to meet our listings deadlines with all required information (Facebook event, artwork, short description of event) well in advance of the gig
  • Entry to Cobalt on the day of a gig is not before 4pm
  • Tech specs and set times must be provided in advance


Yes! We can provide the following;

  •  Artwork for your event: £40 + VAT
  •  50 x 2 colour RISO posters: £40 + VAT (NB RISO posters and leaflets can only be provided when artwork is created in house)
  • Print and cut 800 flyers: £40 + VAT
  • Scheduled social media posts pre written by you and emailed to Cobalt with relevant links, images and handles (NB we are voluntarily run and constantly under resourced, you must make this easy for us with neatly organised, ready-to-go posts!)
  • Wristbands: £6.00 + VAT per 200 or free hand stamp

Alcohol is about the only thing keeping us afloat most of the time – sad but true – so we respectfully ask that you don’t bring your own in for you or the bands. Instead we offer the following deal:

  • 24 cans or bottles of their choice from our fridges OR a bottle of spirits and mixers at a 40% discount and kept in a cool box by the DJ booth
  • Thereafter, drinks can be bought from the bar at a 10% discount (we issue artists bands for all wishing to use the 10% discount)

If you would like to put a gig on here, we hope that you have already got to know the venue, if not please buy a ticket for an upcoming gig and come and see the venue in use. Cobalt is a CIC – all profits go straight back to support culture and community and we’ve been running it unpaid (working 70 hours a week inc Sundays ) – making extra time to show people is hard to fit in, plus the venue should really be seen full of people and music!

At the moment we don’t have a dedicated green room, though this is something that we might be able to develop in the future. It’s a good venue to hang about in pre-gig with comfy sofa corners, and many bands use the mezzanine area as a place to keep their belongings. We do also have a backstage toilet with safe space for belongings to be left.

We really prefer our venue tech to be the main sound person, but lighting techs are welcome by discussion.

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