Our Programme

About us / Manifesto


  • Cobalt is a DIY project built from the ground upwards and run by artists to provide affordable studios, community/arts space, creative events, and club nights


  • Because everybody everywhere has a right to culture
  • Because culture is transformative
  • Because the arts enrich our world in a multitude of ways
  • Because culture helps with unity and belonging
  • Because alternative & experimental matters
  • Because creative expression is important for our metal well being
  • Because we want to empower others to do it themselves

We are…

  • Open minded, open for all, keen to challenge – afraid of mediocracy and compromise. Eclectic and different each time, always expect the unexpected and the unknown
  • A safe platform for expression/experimentation. We champion blurred boundaries, emerging talent, and diversity.
  • Committed to dancing, escapism and banging club nights

We have…

  • A keen eye and ear for programming embryonic, fresh, original, curious, left of centre, odd, creative curiosity, story tellers, wanderers, risk takers and brave spirits

And there is no room here…

….for marginalisation of any kind ever, inclusivity, opportunity and safety are paramount.


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