Our current project is up on the topfloor. This space will be a catalytic laboratory for thinking and working creatively and collaboratively.

This is our top floor space, a project that’s been in the making for many years. We have now raised enough in grants/loans and although COVID-19 has caused delays, we are almost ready to start building.

Our vision is a communal studio for co-working, an open studio space with options for events in the evening. This will be a unique space; somewhere to dream, plot, plan, develop connections, learn from peers and work collaboratively.

There will be a series of spaces designed to facilitate different ways of creative thinking and working. Small thinking pods and project spaces, a meeting room, larger spaces for group sketching & mind-mapping, hot desking areas, lockers for regular workers, material and information libraries as well as communal facilities such as printers, stationery (and real coffee!) We are hoping to create a space that appeals to artists and creatives to come and work on their projects alongside other freelancers in a collaborative environment.

The space will also be available to hire for seminars, away days, projects and cultural events.

If you would like to keep updated on progress, please check our news in the Zine or sign up to our mailing list!

We are currently running a survey, collecting information to help inform some decisions we need to make. If you wouldn’t mind sparing a few minutes to help us out you can find the form by clicking HERE

Make an Enquiry

If you have any ideas about the kind of facilities or membership services you would find useful in a space like this we would love to here them now whilst we are still designing the space.

Please complete the form including your contact details and any ideas you have about our top floor.