Steering group


Until now Cobalt has worked closely with our community, but it has always been informal. Now we would like to formalise connection with a small steering group to make sure that we are in touch with community needs, working as well as we can with our audience and community. We want to be as equal, inclusive, accessible and diverse as we can. To do this we know we need to talk to people, listen, take advice, be held to account and hear how it is for others. We would like your ideas too!

In practical terms we would love to meet a few times a year and occasionally run stuff by you via email or phone.

This is a voluntary thing, but meetings will always be over food and a drink and as a thank you we will offer some event tickets for each meeting attended.

If you think that you might be up for this please send us an email via the form below, we would love to hear from you!