Can I put a gig on?

The Cobalt program has some space to facilitate external promoters if the event fits with our venue programming values, ethos and diary. Mainly we are able to offer Saturday nights with a 10pm finish, Sunday day/nights and occasional Fridays.

If you’re interested in performing as part of our programme we’re always keen to hear from young musicians! Get in touch

If you would like to know more please emails us using the form below.



Alcohol is about the only thing keeping us afloat most of the time – sad but true – so we respectfully ask that you don’t bring your own in for you or the bands. Instead we offer the following deal:

  • 24 cans or bottles of their choice from our fridges OR a bottle of spirits and mixers at a 40% discount and kept in a cool box by the DJ booth
  • Thereafter, drinks can be bought from the bar at a 10% discount (we issue artists bands for all wishing to use the 10% discount)

If you would like to put a gig on here, we hope that you have already got to know the venue, if not please buy a ticket for an upcoming gig and come and see the venue in use. Cobalt is a CIC – all profits go straight back to support culture and community and we’ve been running it unpaid (working 70 hours a week inc Sundays ) – making extra time to show people is hard to fit in, plus the venue should really be seen full of people and music!

At the moment we don’t have a dedicated green room, though this is something that we might be able to develop in the future. It’s a good venue to hang about in pre-gig with comfy sofa corners, and many bands use the mezzanine area as a place to keep their belongings. We do also have a backstage toilet with a safe space for belongings to be left.

We really prefer our venue tech to be the main sound person, but lighting techs are welcome by discussion.

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