Social Impact

Cobalt is a not for profit, community interest company

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Cobalt is a not for profit, community interest company. Our intent is to achieve a variety of social impacts which we assess each year through data capture… 

Every ticket, drink, membership, and donation brought goes to support a variety of good causes. We know that accessible cultural activity can improve mental health, increase confidence, support general wellbeing and help with social isolation.

The aim of Cobalt is…

  • To bring people together via culture.
  • To make good quality culture affordable and accessible
  • To offer cultural learning opportunities
  • To support mental well-being and help social isolation through culture
  • To celebrate, nurture and showcase culture in all its diversity
  • To facilitate and promote equality and inclusivity
  • To support creative production of all kinds
  • To champion new, experimental, and underrepresented culture.
  • To ensure that there are no barriers between everybody’s right to expression as long as their expression is fully inclusive and causes no harm
  • To prioritise people over money
  • To contribute to the cultural fabric and economy of the city and a wider national  cultural economy

 We do this by…

  • Providing affordable, permanent, and temporary space for creative production
  • Running our own programme of music, performance, art events and creative learning opportunities
  • Providing opportunities for other people’s creative events

Our annual objectives are…

  • To welcome an audience of at least 15,000 to the building per annum
  • To ensure at least 3000 places to free events over the year
  • To deliver at least 35 creative learning events and workshops each year
  • To create performance opportunities for 25 young musicians each year
  • To offer free venue hire for at least 20 events each year for organisations to deliver with a social impact, on low or non-existent budgets
  • To aid and safeguard the creative incomes of at least 20 arts professionals with the provision of affordable, safe and secure workspace
  • To keep average ticket price for all Cobalt events no higher than £8 per ticket
  • To pay all artists taking part in events
  • To put at least £50k in artists fees into the cultural economy
  • To strive for a balance of 50/50 male female/non gender specific performers on stage within our own events
  • To network with and create opportunities for at least 3 new organisations wishing to use our space, promoting diversity and inelasticity each year
  • To create 1 job or voluntarily position for unskilled workers who learn and train alongside us 



Downloadable PDFs of our social impact data available below. 

Social Impact Report

What the data shows when we ask people about cobalt

What people told us – a summary