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Watch this space…

We have recently added the backyard at Cobalt onto our lease!

We had planned to run a feasibility study to look at various options for use. However, Covid-19 has changed everything… We have decided that it’s best to get some activity going sooner rather than later. Our studios are always always at capacity and demand is high! So, with a little help we have purchased shipping containers. We are planning to use these as shop-fronted creative studios for designers, makers and artists with products to sell directly to the public.

This scheme will help to sustain Cobalt during these challenging times, as well as offer exciting opportunities to people looking to come and make stuff in the Ouseburn.

We are also hoping to raise money to create an external arts space, allowing us to deliver covid-safe arts events and increase our revenue during this time.

If you would like to know more please enquire using the form below.

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