Manu Louis + Brad Field

Live Music
Fri 17th June 2022 8pm £7 - £11

Venue Space, Cobalt Studios, 10-16 Boyd Street, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE2 1AP

The Venue Space is fully wheelchair accessible.
If you have any specific requirements please contact us before your visit.

A most unexpected Friday night…

Fasten your seatbelts and enter the vortex of two wildly quirky performers. One man avant-garde composer and impromptu discotheque Manu Louis travels with an arsenal of electronic instruments and projections. He mixes high and low culture to create provocative juxtapositions that vary from dissident chanson francaise to avant-garde composer, new beat, old hits, art pop and hard bop.

Brad Field wrestles with acoustic and electronic air streams to produce trancey krautrock beats, sampled vocals and minimal glitchy parps, whilst triggering the kitschiest of live visuals.