Marra + Emergency Librarian

Fri 29th October 2021 8pm - 11pm £7 - £11

Venue Space, Cobalt Studios, 10-16 Boyd Street, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE2 1AP

The Venue Space is fully wheelchair accessible.
If you have any specific requirements please contact us before your visit.

Marra! Is new work from otherworldly performance artist and musician The Lone Taxidermist (aka Natalie Sharp)

Originally from Cumbria’s west coast she has returned home to explore her upbringing, the result is Marra! A deeply personal reflection on growing up as a first generation immigrant in small town Cumbria, a lucid dream set against the arcane, esoteric rituals and traditions that bubble under the surface of everyday life.

Herds of herdwick sheep sheared at 160bpm? Forgotten tongues, rituals of the worlds ugliest faces, gurning, greasy poles? Expect to transcend into electronic chaos with the Cumbrians.

Emergency Librarian draw on local folk songs and the faint radio transmissions from distant galaxies to produce the kind of psychedelic folk space rock freak out that might be enjoyed by the Morris dancers of Mars.