Neighbourhood Get Down!

Club Night
Sat 19th February 2022 10pm - 2am £5 - £7

Venue Space, Cobalt Studios, 10-16 Boyd Street, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE2 1AP

The Venue Space is fully wheelchair accessible.
If you have any specific requirements please contact us before your visit.

Neighbourhood get down is a musical coming together from the folk behind Reasons to be Cheerful and One20 specifically for the dancers!

Steven Dunn and Jack Pearce back to back all night playing good records for the dance floor.

Selections spanning from Italo, Dub, Soul, Electro, Afro-boogie to House, New Wave, Disco, generally oddities and all the other dance floor daftness!

Tickets O.T.D
£5 before 11, £7 after!