Ponyland + Honeyflux + Feed The Elk

Fri 18th March 2022 8 - 11 £10

Venue Space, Cobalt Studios, 10-16 Boyd Street, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE2 1AP

The Venue Space is fully wheelchair accessible.
If you have any specific requirements please contact us before your visit.

A packed line-up of North East powerhouses destined to make you dance your face off!

Guaranteed to be a banger, the night kicks off with Newcastle’s hottest boyband Feed The Elk (a mixed up fusion of funk, reggae, punk, dub and rap-metal), followed by Honeyflux (imagine Steely Dan, War On Drugs and Soundgarden had a baby…) ending with the mighty Ponyland (a heady, energetic ride into the world of live samba reggae, afro-beat and jazz). I mean come on… it’s gonna be a crease!