George Stewart

We got to know George when he did an exhibition with us followed by bar work, and from there made his way into the office where he has a valuable role creating design, videos and other promotional elements for events. He instigated and runs our life drawing events; George contributes thoughts and ideas to many aspects of Cobalt.

George is a self-taught,­ multifaceted graphic artist based in Newcastle UK, his work has a large emphasis on pushing techniques and experimenting in a variety of disciplines. He is currently part of the NewBridge Project Collective Studio, an alternative arts education programme.

He works across a broad spectrum within the cultural sector with artists, musicians and galleries. Producing artwork for event branding, music packaging, textile design, murals and a range of moving image projects.

Selected clients: Arts Council England, Berwick Visual Arts, Hatton Gallery, Cobalt Studios, 40 Kola, E.A.S.A., Mother Mercy, Otis Mensah, Bert Verso, System Gallery, Prince of Wales (Brixton), Stortford Music Festival, Arch 2