Everyday Art18 Feb 2021

‘Everyday Art For Extraordinary Times’ was an open invitation during the first lockdown. We asked for people to send us their artwork so that we could create a communal archive of lockdown art.

Some contributors live their lives as artists, photographers, graphic designers…


Others were from all walks of life.


Many had found much more time for creativity in lockdown!


Some of the participants had also found that the act of creativity was calming and therapeutic.

The archive covers;

holes dug in the ground,

dancing restrained to a chair in a back yard,

a plan of somebodies confined flat, daily walks,

discarded PPE & more.




The projects marks a very specific point in history

and is a colourful collection of personal views and feelings,

it is also a celebration of human creativity and resilience.

We are now closed for submissions but we have funding to create a limited edition publication which is in progress and will be ready soon!