Thank you + Happy New Year4 Jan 2022

Dancers, singers, performers, listeners, supporters, friends, regulars and occasional visitors…

Thank you so very much for making 2021 one of our best years yet despite all the massive challenges & we wish you a very happy 2022 full of joyful moments. Cobalt would be nothing without our community of supporters, you’ve made reopening a pleasure and we feel strong, positive and ready for 2022 whatever it’s going to fling at us.

More than ever we feel sure that music, culture and community is an accessible, safe and easy medicine – its kept us personally healthy and sane (mainly!) during this ropey episode of humanity. Pinching a phase from a close friend of Cobalt ‘Hope is a muscle’ and culture seems to us a good way to exercise that ‘hope muscle’ and stay connected to others. We are closed for the next few weeks while we put the finishing touches on the Spring program which opens week of Jan 24th, we hope you all had a great Xmas and look forward to seeing you soon, Cobalt x